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Since 2011, our school has successfully helped thousands of international students improve their English abilities. We are proud to offer Elite, a unique intensive English program which makes learning more effective. Our outstanding faculty strive to help students reach their individual English-language goals.

Students have the opportunity to practice and improve all skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) everyday for 18 hours a week. This program has 7 levels and each complete level is 12 weeks long. These courses are lead by certified and highly qualified American teachers in an “English Only” setting. 

Elite Highlights

  • Personalized attention (6 to 12 students per class), ample opportunities to engage

  • Tailored to students unique strengths and areas of improvement

  • English Immersion

  • Integrated approach (grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, speaking)

  • Student-centered classrooms with a special focus on building communication skills

  • Dynamic task-based learning environment

  • Bi-weekly assessments include exams and language producing tasks (writing and speaking)

  •  Extensive feedback to help students progress

Students in Computer Class
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